The following philatelic presentations will be held during KnoxPEx 2022 in the

Rothchild Blue Room.

The Mail and the Snake
presentation by
Richard Jackson

March 5, 1:00p

Part 1 - Strangling the System

March 6, 11:00a

Part 2 - Getting Around and Through


The Mail and the Snake

Crossing the Lines During the Civil War

The secession of South Carolina in December 1860 marked the beginning of a period of enormous change for the U.S. Post Office Department that culminated in the complete severing of mail communications between the North and the South in June 1861.  Thereafter the passage of mail "across the lines" was accomplished only by means of innovative, non-traditional methods of service.  Richard Jackson's two-part presentation focuses on the degradation of official mail services during the first half of 1861 and the gap-filling unofficial and often illegal delivery methods employed for the remainder of the Civil War.