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The Knoxville Philatelic Society webpage is designed to be a resource for stamp collectors in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. It contains information about local philatelic events, clubs, meetings, shows, and other fun stuff. Hopefully, stamp collectors from other regions will also find this site a useful and fun place to visit. Everyone is encouraged to submit content and suggestions.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on the content of this site. Please let us know if you find any errors or inaccuracies. We would also like to include original content from the stamp collectors who would like to see their hard work displayed on the web. Therefore, if you have articles that you have written, exhibits you have created, presentations you have put together, or even short (less than 10 minutes) videos, we would love to give them a home on the web. Please provide your contact information so that we may give you credit for your work and direct any questions or comments to you.


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August 3


KPS Executive Board Meeting at 6:00pm - prior to regular club meeting

August 3, 2021

KPS  Meeting In Person
and via Zoom

The Knoxville Philatelic Society will hold its regular monthly meeting:


Date and Time:  August 3, 2021 beginning at 7:00pm


Location:  First Farragut United Methodist Church

                 12733 Kingston Pike

                  Knoxville, TN  37934


Directions:  Go HERE for directions to the church.


Program:  To be announced


Beginning at 5:30pm KPS members will have the opportunity to bourse through and purchase from tens of thousands of stamps in the KPS inventory.  This activity will stop at 7:00pm when attention will be placed on the business meeting and philatelic program.  Following you are welcome to get back to the hunt for stamps to fill holds in your stamp collection or to pick stamps to begin a new collection.

Information for participating in the 7:00 business meeting and program via Zoom will be sent to KPS members prior to the meeting date by way of an email.


KPS Silent Stamp Auction

Auction Closes 8 PM., August 3

Current Lots & High Bids

To view images of stamps click HERE.

Lot #       Cat #           High Bid

  1             16                 $150.00

  2             20                   120.00

  3             21                   420.00

  4             22                   200.00

  5             23                   110.00

  6             27                   150.00

  7             36B                 75.00

  8             38                  100.00

  9             39                  420.00

 10            67                    90.00

 11            76                  110.00

 12            97                    75.00

 13          262                  410.00

 14          291                  170.00

 15          350                  140.00

 16          386                    50.00

 17          404                  310.00

 18          420                    30.00

 19          523                    80.00

 20          E1                    125.00

  • KPS members have been sent descriptions and scans of these lots. 

  • Only KPS members can bid. 

  • Consider becoming a member to participate in our auctions and purchase from our huge stamp inventory. This auction is all US stamps.

KPS Market Place is Back in Business


The stamp inventory lists have been up-dated and orders are again being accepted.  Go to the Market Place tab and scroll down to KPS Inventory.

August 21

KPS Saturday Meeting

  Time:  8:30a until 2:00p


          First Farragut United Methodist Church

          12733 Kingston Pike

          Knoxville, TN    37394           Directions

The huge KPS stamp will be available from which you can make your purchases to fill holes or upgrade your collection. There will be a LOT of new inventory.  Don't forget your want list and checkbook.


There will be no KPS business nor will there be a program.  This meeting is all about stamps, covers, and post cards. 

To view KnoxPEx 2021 exhibits


People's Choice Award Winners

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For more upcoming events please visit our Calendar of Events page.

Become a Member of KPS

The Knoxville Philatelic Society invites stamp collectors anywhere, but especially in East Tennessee to join us.  KPS is a Chapter Member of the American Philatelic Society and American Topical Society with more than 160 members, and growing.  Member benefits include:

  • Regular 1st Tuesday monthly meetings, fifth Tuesday meetings and 6 Saturday meetings each year in various locations in and around Knoxville.

  • A monthly newsletter, KPS News, that has won a gold medal in APS competitions for 13 consecutive years, a record run no other club in the US can match!

  • A KPS-owned stock of world wide and US stamps for sale at competitive prices at each meeting.

  • Purchase from the online stamp inventory.  Same inventory as found at the KPS meetings.

  • Monthly Stamp Collecting Workshop for beginner and intermediate stamp and cover collectors.

  • Monthly educational presentations by members and guest speakers.

For more information, Click Here


2021 KPS Membership Application

The Knoxville Philatelic Society is a proud member of the following philatelic organization:

American Philatelic Society

American Topical Association

American First Day Cover Society

Southeastern Federation of Stamp Clubs