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Knoxville Philatelic Society
2023 Calendar of Events

Tuesday Meetings – 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Saturday Meetings – 9:00 am – 1 pm

Calendar Updated 5-31-23

  Month     Date    Type Meeting                           Meeting Details

January          3       Monthly Meeting                   Program: Tackling Those Dreaded                                                                                                                                            Washington/Franklin Coils!  -  Bob Ceo 
Fifth Tuesday Meeting  


February        7       Monthly Meeting                   Program: What I Collected Last Year  -  John Smartt 

                               Executive Board Meeting      (6:00 PM)

                     18      Saturday Meeting

March           4-5     KnoxPEx (Stamp Show) 

                       7      Monthly Meeting                    Program: Express, Afterpackets, & Late Fees.

                                                                                                     India 1850-1876 - Paul Allen

April                4      Monthly Meeting                    Nomination of Club Officers 

                                                                             Program: KnoxPEx 2023 Review


May                2       Monthly Meeting                   Election of Officers

                                                                             Program:  Are You Wet or Dry?  The 200 Year History

                                                                                                      of Prohibition - Bill Ott

                                Executive Board Meeting     (6:00 PM)

                      30      Fifth Tuesday Meeting


June               6       Monthly Meeting                   Program: Josephine Baker- Performing Artist

                                                                                                   and Hero of France - Tom Broadhead

                      17      Saturday Meeting

July               15      Monthly Meeting                   Program: No program – meeting on Saturday morning.

August           1       Monthly Meeting                   Program: Sharing Your Collection on One-Page Exhibit! -

                                                                                                       Michele Bresso

                               Executive Board Meeting      (6:00 PM)

                     19      Saturday Meeting

                     29      Fifth Tuesday Meeting


September     5       Monthly Meeting                   Program: Creating a One-Page Exhibit - Michele Bresso

October          3       Monthly Meeting                   Short business meeting followed by Live Auction 

                     21      Saturday Meeting

                     31      Fifth Tuesday Meeting

November      7       Monthly Meeting                   Program: Gobble Gobble: Tracking the Turkey through  

                                                                                                  Philately - Michele Bresso

                                Executive Board Meeting     (6:00 PM)

December      5       Monthly Meeting                   Program: Your Mail is on the Way! - Bill Ott

                       9       KPS Holiday Party                Location: Lakeside Tavern, Concord
                                                                             Time: 11:30a - 2:00p

  • Details for meetings, including location and time will be posted on the KPS website and emailed to KPS members prior to each meeting.

  • KPS stamp and cover inventory is available at the Saturday and Fifth Tuesday Meetings. There is no club business at these meetings.

  • All monthly meetings will begin at 7:00pm and will be live as well as virtual on ZOOM unless announced otherwise.

  • Details of the Live Auction will be included in the September KPS News which will be mailed to all KPS members.

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