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Knoxville Philatelic Society

Silent Auction


Silent Auction is for Members ONLY

Click HERE for KPS membership application.

Bidding is now


Bidding ended with Live Auction at KPS Meeting

Jan 3, 2003.  

   Lot #     Catalog #         Description                                                               Catalog Value*      Winning Bid

       1                 2              U 4 Margins Blue Town cancel                                      $950.00               $510.00

       2               17              Used, 4 margins, Red Cancel                                         290.00                 155.00

       3             115              U VF Centered for 1869 issue                                         225.00                 120.00

       4             138              Used, F-VF "H" Grill                                                        525.00                 220.00

       5             191              Used, F-VF                                                                      375.00                 120.00               6             238              MNH F-VF                                                                       600.00                 210.00

       7             241              U F-VF                                                                             525.00                 180.00               8             312              U  F-VF                                                                            200.00                 100.00

       9             573e            MNH Carmine Lake  & Dark Blue                                    375.00                 110.00

     10             666             MNH VF                                                                            145.00                   50.00

     11            C1-6              MNH F-VF                                                                       645.00                 220.00

     12             J32             MNH Fine                                                                          240.00                   85.00

     13             Q10              MNH F-VF                                                                       750.00                  270.00

     14             K6             MNH F-VF                                                                           210.00                 160.00

     15             K13             MNH Fine                                                                          300.00                 160.00

Click HERE to view all lots. Copy lot and view individual stamp in your photo editor.

Bid increments: Up to $100, $1, over $100, $10.

* Scott 2023 value for VF centering .

b-means that a bid has been received and you must bid more than this amount.

This auction closed at 8 PM Jan 3 at the Tuesday meeting of the

Knoxville Philatelic Society,

Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, 2931 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN.


Silent Auction Process and Bidding Information


Each of the above lots is in a card attached to a silent auction bid sheet.  As with many silent auctions, you can see the stamps and write in a bid on the bid sheet at our KPS meetings.  If you can't attend a meeting, you can send Bruce Roberts ( a bid on any lot.  If it is higher than the current high bid, Bruce will write your name on the sheet with your bid.  You don't have to be present to win a lot(s).  If you win your lot(s) can mail the lot to you or you can pick up at the KPS meeting.  There is no postage charge for auction lots if mailed, and no commission on the sales of any lots.


To prevent a lot of shoving and anguish among members trying to place last minute bids at the live meeting, we have arranged to have a round of "live" bidding before the lots are hammered down, BUT ONLY AMONG PEOPLE WHO had already placed a written bid on the bid sheet (live or via email).  During this time Zoom will be on so all members can observe the auction, but no bidding can be done by Zoom.  Brent Marquand will be acting as auction agent for those not present; he will have their max bids previously emailed, and will bid on their behalf.


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