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All members of the Knoxville Philatelic Society receive a monthly newsletter. While these newsletters are very informative and interesting, they also include two bonuses: 1) A "Stamp of the Month" is hinged inside each newsletter, and 2) Each newsletter is mailed in a limited edition cacheted envelope franked with a recently issued stamp. Once in a while we are lucky enough to be able to receive a First Day Cancel or a Special Cancel. See some examples below. 

To receive the newsletter sign up to become a member of KPS! Past  PDF editions of the newsletter can be found below.

September 2011 Cachet- Messenger: First Spacecraft to Orbit Mercury

August 2011 Cachet - Mark Twain

June 2011 Cachet - Indy 500

May 2011 Cachet - Civil War

March 2011 Cachet - Ronald Reagan

February 2011 Cachet - Lunar New Year

July 2011 Cachet - Gregory Peck

April 2011 Cachet - Celebrate

January 2011 Cachet - Holiday Evergreens

Past KPS Newsletters-Now posted through 2018

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