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Knoxville Philatelic Society

Market Place

The KPS Market Place offers members great opportunities to build their collections of stamps at heavily discounted market or catalogue prices.  Market Place is just one of the many benefits of joining the Knoxville Philatelic Society.


Under the Inventory Page tab you will find the latest listing of stamps owned by the KPS.  This inventory is made up of purchases from auction houses, estates, members and other sources.  Purchases are made using the club's special Stamp Acquisition Committee fund.  Individual stamps and sets are then mounted and priced for sale to members only.  There is no significant retail stamp business available to stamp collectors in East Tennessee, so the KPS is filling this need for its members, and at the same time raising money for other club projects.  You are NOT required to be a member of the KPS to view this inventory BUT you must be a member to purchase.

You will also find past KnoxPEx show covers available for sale to the public.  Choose KnoxPEx Covers for Sale from the drop-down under Market Place to view available covers and for instructions for purchasing.

Under the Market Place drop-down choose Solar Eclipse Covers for Sale.  Here you will find cachet covers cancelled August 21, 2017 at Athens, Tennessee and Spring City, Tennessee.

From time to time you will find a Market Place drop-down for KPS Silent Auction.  Here members have the opportunity to bid on individual stamps to add to their collections.   

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