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KnoxPEx 2022 Show Cachet and Cancellation Covers

Order Instructions

Cost per cover is $3.00 or 4 different for $10.00.  Add $1.00 for USPS mailing of 1-2 covers and $2.00 for 4 different covers.  Make checks payable to the Knoxville Philatelic Society


Do NOT send a SASE with your order.  Include your name, mailing address and phone number and/or email address (in case there is a question) with order.  Your cover(s) will be protected for mailing in a separately addressed envelope.  If you request a particular stamped cover we will TRY to honor your request but supply will be the determining fact in filling your request.

Mail your order and payment to:

Knoxville Philatelic Society

P.O. Box 50422

Knoxville, TN   37950-0422

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