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Knoxville Philatelic

Country Lots for Sale

The lots listed below have been made up from stamps and Souvenir Sheets that have been in the KPS inventory for more than one year.  Click on an icon to display the contents of the lot. NOTE: The stamp on the button may or may not be in the lot. Some are net price, some are silent auctions.  For the silent auctions, the opening bid is noted, and then updated to the current bid.

To purchase a lot, you must be a member of the Knoxville Philatelic Society.  If you wish to buy one or more of the lots, email, indicate the lot you want and your bid.  If you win, and come to the KPS meetings in Knoxville, your name will be attached to the lot and you can pick it up at the meeting and pay the treasurer.  If you can't attend a meeting,  the lot can be mailed to you (with postage added to the lot price). 

We expect to have up to 12 lots in a month.  Unsold lots will be bundled and offered in the KnoxPex auction in March.

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