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American Innovations

KnoxPEx 2021 Show Cachet and Cancellation Covers

Order Instructions

Cost per cover is $3.00 or 5 different for $12.00.  Add for USPS mailing 60 cents for 1-2 covers and $1.00 for 5 different covers.  


Do NOT send a SASE with your order.  Your cover(s) will be protected for mailing in a separately addressed envelope.  If you request a particular Innovative stamped cover we will TRY to honor your request but supply will be the determining fact in filling your request.

Mail your order, payment and your mail to address to:

Knoxville Philatelic Society

P.O. Box 50422

Knoxville, TN   37950-0422

$3.00 for each cover plus 60 cents USPS mailing of up to 2 different covers

$12.00 for one set of five (5) different stamped covers plus $1.00 USPS mailing.

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